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Have you been here?


Have you seen this bridge?

Maybe you have visited the Falkland Islands as a tourist. Perhaps you even live there, or have been stationed there since the conflict. Or, like many people, you might only be vaguely aware of a faraway place called the Falkland Islands and only because of some conflict in an earlier millennium.

Way out in the middle of nowhere, beyond a place called Goose Green there is a most unlikely looking suspension bridge crossing a creek. It is rusting away now. The timbers are rotten and the structure is so unsafe it has been closed to vehicles and pedestrians for years.

Or so I'm told. Me, I've never been there, never seen it and didn't know until just recently that it was still standing. However, I do know that it wasn’t always so.

My Dad told me. He should know. He was born in Goose Green when his Dad built it.

This is their story, illustrated with photographs that my grandfather took at the time.

The bridge is marked on the Google Map below.

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